Dejan Stojkovic is an actor and musician, born in Serbia. Passionate about music he plays many instruments: guitar, percussion, and accordion. He has been a member of PLAVO Theatre - theatre laboratory since 2000. Since then he has participated in PLAVO Theatre's performances:

"Oscar Wilde and the Inconstant Prince" (2000), " Hypertrophy of Authority or the Man Who Darkened the Sun" (2001), "Sarcasticus or Birth of the Virus" (2002), "Fantastic Gospel according to Virginia" (2003), "Dialectics of the Soul - Study of Freedom" (2004), "I am singing like a bird" (2006), "The Wizard or Harmonic Cacophony" (2007), "Dance with father" (2008), “Pagan Phantasm or Secret of Betrail” (2009), “Concert of Decadence" (2011), “Temptest” (2011), "Reflection on Pazolini" (2012),"Ahasuerus Day" - the first part of the trilogy about the Holocaust (2014), "Requiem" (2014), "Evangelium absurdum" - the second part of the Holocaust trilogy (2015), "Dreaming - a story from Terezin" - the third part of the Holocaust trilogy (2016).

Dejan participated in many educational works in the theater while elaborating other educational projects for the theater. He was and still is till today an assistant pedagogue and demonstrator.

To broaden his skills and improve his talent he attended many international and local professional trainings conferences, seminars and workshops such as:

- The workshop "Winds and Walls - Dance of Energy and Their Obstacles", led by the actress of Odin Theater, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, at the Grotowki Institute in Wrocław.

- The theatrical conference "Source, Sound, Soundness" dedicated to Grotowski and his work, which was held in the organization of the Teaterlabor Im Tor 6 in Bielefeld, Germany.

- 14th Session of the International School of Theater Anthropology "Improvisation: Memory, Repetition, Discontinuity", conducted by Odin Theater from Denmark.

-The workshop "The Way", which within the BITEF festival was led by Rena Mirecka, actress of the former Laboratoratory Theater, Grotowski.

-The presentations of the methodology of the Blue Theatre in the framework of the preparatory and final phases of the World War I project,

"Jungle of History - A Theater Tour Through Europe" in Bilefeld, Germany.

Since 2005, Dejan has been an active party in the realization of international theater events and International theater meeting in Belgrade entitled "Contemporary Theater - new generation."