After a couple of years of working in Dubai as a Designer at MICHELINE ART Consultancy and also executing multiple art workshops for kids, Ognjen is currently back in Serbia, setting up Design by Abeart, a company for design and arts focusing on Mosaics.

During this time in Dubai, he exhibited his paintings collection “Interiority”.

Born in November 1977, in Split, Croatia, Ognjen grew by the sea, where he developed an interest for stones, mediterranean culture, and expressions at a very early age.

In 1991, he moved to Belgrade, Serbia. He enrolled in Architectural Technical School “Arhitektonska Tehnička škola Beograd”, where he finished his studies.

Music was the first artistic medium he discovered, and it has always been his rawest passion; he grew up composing his own tunes and  playing with many local bands, discovering and shining in many styles like Jazz Rock, Blues, Jazz, World music and Rock and Roll.

Eagerly wanting to develop his artistic skills, and in a determined search to find the best place to acquire this knowledge, he decided to join Professor Zdravko Vajagic’s Atelier, instead of the conventional academic teaching.

Professor Vajagic, was himself student of Professor Nedeljko Gvozdenovic who was Hans Hofmann’s apprentice. Hans Hofmann was a great German pedagogue/artist who expanded his Knowledge and expertise working closely with the most important painters like Henri Matisse, Robert Delaunay among others.

Under the close tutoring of this incredible professor, and during 7 years of learning fine arts' expressions from history to technical skills, Ognjen discovered his own style, while mastering the arts of Mosaic and Painting.

In 2003, he opened his own atelier in Belgrade, where he supplied the needs of many clients in Serbia and the countries around.

Between 2004 -2008, Ognjen collaborated on many projects with “Marble Kosutica Belgrade Company”, where he acquired more expertise in stone business, team management, sites understanding while obtaining a wider spectrum of mosaic, sculpture and pavements techniques.

In 2008, driven by the need to explore more expressive mediums, Ognjen enrolled in MAPA- Moving Academy of Performing Arts- Amsterdam He learned contemporary Theater, Mime, as well as “Butoh” dancing. Combining his talents and skills with preforming arts, he studied set and light design while emphasizing additionally on coaching and team building in theater.

With a group of artists, painters, performers, Ognjen established “Bela senka” company (White Shadow). As a group and during 4 years, they accomplished many projects in Serbia, Europe and the Middle East. He ventured on many of these projects mainly as a painter, performer, composer, set and light designer.

Between 2011- 2014,  He was the bass player with KKN “Kanda kodža i Nebojša”,, one of the most important active Serbian Rock and Roll bands. KKN released their latest album “VOLJA ZA NOC”, Will of the Night, with a big success. Ognjen played a big part in the composition of the songs alongside his fellow musicians.