This project first started as a personal quest, a drive and a curiosity to understand the “end of times” theories and why they affect us that much. Topics that are raised every now and then, every time a big event happens, every time the tides turn, and how these topics start spreading in many forms, on many platforms, with quotes detailing scientific hypotheses, echoed by ancient predictions of well-known names… then fears and tension well-coated with big titles like facts, reports…  gets injected in us….

Being from different complementary backgrounds, Ognjen and I decided to venture in a collaborative piece merging our talents and creating a film that portrays the answers to the questions we were raising, in an artistic form using contemporary theater and dance languages. It was all about body expressions, movements, emotions and rhythms. But during the development process and while working with the actors, we noticed that what would be even more interesting was not to stay at the level of these apocalyptic angles but rather to reach to the human perception of Tomorrow.

Did we lose hope? Are we really afraid? How is fear affecting us?

And that broadened the perspective we were following and we decided to literally reach out to people and ask them these questions. Opening the door to an honest, realistic discussion… not a debate… Just a discussion, sharing points of views, sharing our thoughts

WE, being every one of us despite our religions, nationalities, political views, etc..

WE, human beings, waking up every morning and pushing the wheel of life.

What do WE think about Life, Death, Past, Future…?

What do WE believe in?

What do WE think of all these “cliché” existential questions that usually are well defined by our education, society, ethnicity, etc..?

And through this dance of thoughts finding authentic, genuine answers that embrace our diversity, our standpoints, our vision of the world we all belong to and brings us closer to this inner movement that defines the shapes of the truth.

This is how the concept of the documentary was born: a realistic, expressive, artistic and honest piece of media in a jungle of negative and harsh actualities.



It’s in the air, we can hear it, feel it, sense it pulsating in us, rumbling in nature, many are positively or negatively talking about it, reflecting upon it… but it’s coming anyway… The Change!

We can really play an active role in this change, and we can shift the balance and create a better tomorrow, for us, our children, and for many generations to come.

This film is our contribution; it’s our action for a better tomorrow!

We are sending out an open invitation to a collective discussion, a call to take responsibility of our TOMORROW… It is an activist shout out yet a shout that doesn’t take sides, and doesn’t want to be tinted… It’s only siding with all of us “in the name of tomorrow".



Dance and body expressions being universal languages that can emanate true feelings and engage the senses of the viewer without the need to express words, embraced beautifully the concept of interviews.

The people that agreed to share their point of view and their thoughts didn’t know anything about the film, the message or what to expect. They were briefed about the film just before the camera started rolling. This pushed everyone to drop down all masks, all pre-judgments, and all pre-meditated concepts and allowed an honest, responsible and beautiful exchange.

The “dance” scenes were a research of vibrations, a physical move that will emit a specific emotion. It was a deep work with the actors, but also we decided to give space for their own content, their own expressions to manifest. The actors became also interviewees answering with their own language. Their experiences, their bodies and their expressions played a very important part in the conceptual execution as well as the actual filming.

Both aspects perfectly merged to bring out real “answers” and when reality is evoked, it provokes suffering, tears, fears, laughter, love, doubt, and happiness… among many others.

Cinematically speaking, we were inspired by many masterpieces such as, “Koyaanisqatsi” directed by Godfrey Reggio, “Pina” directed by Wim Wenders,  “The great dictator” directed by Charlie Chaplin and“Human” Directed by Yann Arthus- Bertrand.



We started the production in 2016, and we shot during 3 different segments, in Beirut, Belgrade and Dubai. We met over 50 people that kindly agreed to take part in this film and to share their thoughts and to stand with us in this fight for tomorrow. 

The Music was original composed for every scene to support and convey specific emotions.

We also shot 10 contemporary dance scenes, some in studios, others in the theater space of PLAVO Theater and some in urban locations.

We still have the grand finale dance scene and the post-production to complete.



Film Title: In The Name Tomorrow

Logline: An artistic documentary waltzing contemporary theater and Interviews on the rhythms of a better tomorrow

Length: 90 min 

Language: English- French- Arabic- Serbian 

Format: 4K

Expected date of finalization : February 2018

Production company: Films by Abeart

Director- Producer: Celine Abiad Beader 

Authors: Celine Abiad Beader & Ognjen Beader

Music Composer: Ognjen D. Beader

DOP: Ziad Oaks 

DOP Serbia: Uros Petrov 

Editor: Zeina Nehme